Le Mans 24hr 2015

The latest motor sport event covered for my client… which was the same for Spa Classic & Nurburg24. Unlike the last two events we were late in getting press accreditation so it was more of a fact finding trip and to grab what imagery we could.

Instantly the Le Mans 24hr felt bigger than Nurburg…. well apart from the track distance!


Not sure if this was an Aston Martin parade which was lined up early Saturday morning but was the closet the general public got to some of the cars which were in the starting line-up.


It was baking on the Sat morning and the drivers were sat for a good 25mins in full race suits and lids waiting for the green light to enter the track.


Eventually the Aston’s were paraded onto the track. I’ve said it before but the Aston’s for me are THE best sounding car on the WEC series… (the dodge Vipers are good 2nd place though.)


A lot more action to see at 24 Le Mans than 24Nurburgring, maybe because the length of track is shorter and so you get to see more of the cars. Even Aston Racing team were getting putting on a show between them…


Like I said we didn’t get any track access so we could only get limited photo opportunities. The winning Porsche above #19.


Whilst shooting from the main Grandstand it was interesting to see the camera on a wire which ran the full length of the pit lane. It was about 1metre long and would have given some of the cars a run for their money on the straight…


Great atmosphere and buzz around the circuit which went on for the whole time we were there and didn’t look like it would let up… Plenty to see and observe and one thing that caught my eye was a GULF sombrero. If I were to wear one of them then that would be my choice.


Great place, more people than you could imagine, more tents than you could imagine!

You can see more images on the gallery here – Le Mans 24hr 2015 – Portfolio.

On British soil next with the GP and Silverstone Classic next month.

Till next time


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