Spa Classic 2015

Like Nurburg 24hr last weekend Spa Classic was again for the same client. Distinguished.Company deal with ‘Travel – Rail – Motor – Sail – Events’ …. I’ve been asked to capture various motoring events around Europe in order to have a portfolio of images with a certain style and feel that will help build their brand.

This was my first time at Spa Classic… (2nd visit in as many weeks to Spa!… the Ardennes Rally will be blogged about later). Anyway this was a fantastic event and didn’t fail to deliver on atmosphere, variety of cars, noise and a lot more besides…

Unlike other motor sports like F1 where you are very restricted in access to the cars and drivers… this weekend is the opposite. For a £20 ticket (each day) you can sit in any of the grandstands, walk up to and at times in one of 3 set up paddocks. Get your head under the hood, in the cockpit and even talk to the drivers and mechanics. Really impressed with the openness of this event. No-one taking the liberty or pushing the boundaries…motor sports fans and car lovers alike being immersed in the sights, smells and sounds of their passion. If you do step over the line then as ever the marshal’s and security will blast your ear with whistles and get you back into line.

Being accredited media you get to certain sections of the circuit which was fun to say the least and I gained a bit more track knowledge which is always a bonus.


(Group C – Man these are loud!)

The shots of the group-c  cars were mainly taking along the fencing between the pit entrance and track. plenty of photographers windows in the fencing. The image below shows the fencing and path where you can get photographers access.


The array of cars was great. Whatever your tipple was there would have been something there to catch your eye.


(Trofeo Nastr0 Rosso – racing series. Taking the corners around Fagnes)

If you have read any of my blogs before either on this site or my other commercial / editorial site ( you will know that I like to get to the story, to get behind, in or about the areas that aren’t usually open to general viewing. For me getting those few moments when the group-c cars came in for their obligatory pit-stop was great to see. Not your 2-3 sec tyre change but maybe a driver, top up the fuel….take the engine cover of a have a little tinker… all in all some good things to capture.


Re-connecting the electrics before the back end of the car is re-installed.


(little drink of 4star….)


If you are thinking of taking in a race weekend then I’d really consider looking at Spa Classic… for me I can’t wait till I get the chance to return.

There’s plenty more images to see in my portfolio Spa Classic 2015.

If you do go beware of the ‘Monkey Bikes’ … mini bikes that are used to get around the main paddock area and are driven by riders of age between 7-70’s… you have been warned…


Till next time….

The next motor sport even for this client will be Le-Mans in 3 weeks time…. more to follow…



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