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With just over half of the Hughes collection to shoot there was still enough to feast your eyes upon with 9, covered, stored vehicles ranging from the 1940s through to the 90s.

Using the words from the article (credit – Ben Field) John Hughes …”left that morning as an owner but came back a collector”.

This shoot for Classic Car mag was to capture images for the next installment of ‘The Collectors’ editorial. Looking at those with a passion to find and collect cars with real intent and purpose.

John Hughes is no different. With the help of is two sons they have high standards in looking for the right car. With an immaculate, full and detailed history the car has to have low miles and be the best example available.

With ‘Classic Cars’ each editorial and story has its own style and angle for the images which for me keeps things interesting. For this as you can guess it majors on the cars and owners. So when you walk in to this collection the first thing I’m looking for is the DPS and finding the opening image.

We shot a wide range of images in the main storage unit with the three guys…


Each car had its own specific cover as you would expect. The Blue cover for the Bentley was a bit dark so had to light that separately to try and bring some detail and the logo out.

Fairly tight for space in there and with only one angle to really shoot a DPS and get some lights in without getting in the frame.

The shot which did make the opening spread was the garage that housed the 1967 E-type, 1990 F40 & 1941 Jaguar SS100. Having two iconic super cars of their own age in the E-Type and F40 side by side joined with the elegant lines of the SS100 was a sight to behold…


With one strip light in the space we weren’t going to get far with that so we used 3 Bowens studio heads to light this space. One on the floor between the E-type and F40. Another shooting through the side window of the garage in-line with the wing-mirror of the E-Type. The final head was directly behind me tucked in the corner as far as possible.

Shooting with the 17mm I had about 40cms between the SS100 and the wall to get me and the light in….a little cramped.

JJP_0777 Coming through the door into the garage you couldn’t help but see a key design feature between each of these cars… Each had louvers and from that angle they all were so evident. (see image above)… This shot never made the final editorial but was something that linked all these cars together other than occupying this tight space.

JJP_0840 The SS100 like all the Hughes’ cars was in immaculate condition. (You can see the window which we used to angle the flash through as there was no room to have the light in the garage beside the E-Type.)


The Willys Jeep for me was just another twist in the collection. Stored in a modified shed (doors widened) this was just another example of how the Hughes will only buy the best example possible.


It was like the Jeep was lifted from active duty and brought into the modern age. All tools / accessories present and accounted for. So much to look at and take in, a place for everything and a purpose for its inclusion.

JJP_0803 Certainly a Ferrari flavour running through this collection and was a real pleasure meeting John Hughes and his family.

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Richard again, all be it as I had left my tripod on location…

Till next time


You can see the final article via my portfolio ‘In Print’ section.

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