American Car Mag – Aprils Cover shoot

Well 2nd cover of the year for American Car…  This was the closest car shot for ACM to date…(although there maybe one closer coming up ; )

Location as ever for ACM I look for the factory’s, mills, derelict buildings etc etc. This one took a little time to find but worked out in the end. As we arrived to shoot the car the land owners had placed a large railway sleeper over the entrance to the track … not good.

We started to shoot the car on another background which would have been okay but was really only good from 1 angle. The land owners drove past and as it turned out were petrol heads and did a bit of racing. We got chatting and they were more than willing to get the sleeper moved so we could get round the back of their building / mill.

Within 5mins a forklift came out and we were navigating pot holes, open drains to get round the back. Happy days… we were in.

Unlike other titles I shoot for its predominately me and the owner on the shoots, hence why you see more rig shots with ACM as we don’t have the facility of shooting car to car.

Trying to get the car ‘involved’ with its surroundings is always good instead of just driving the car in and snapping away.

Bit ‘twee’ / predictable but the tyre was part of the surroundings…   JJP_3422

This shot not used but I like to show other images as instead of just the ones printed. The Firebird was prob too small for a double page spread but its good as you get to see what the mag likes / uses and so hopefully you can tighten up on images you send and shoot for specific titles.

Anyway this car was clean and in top condition. Funnily enough this car when I got the green light to shoot was owned by another and so had to follow up with the new owner for this shoot.



The colour is striking but in the bright sunlight it really stood out. This and with the sound of the V8 made for some head turns for sure…


The flat surface helped with the rig shots…(easy to push the car!)

All in all a steady away shoot, needed a little light to lift the harsh shadows but better than being a flat sky.

YOu can see the final layout / article here.

Have another 3 shoots waiting to go to press with ACM and some in the pipeline to shoot. Just about to write another blog post regarding a 911… so come back soon.









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