Febs cover feature… (ACM)

Going back to my ‘home land’ is always welcome… so when I was asked to shoot this Mustang, even though based in the wrong footballing world it was to be back in the North East.

Further north than where I was born the ‘Geordie’ accent was thicker and stronger to the point I had to concentrate to understand the conversation…

I digress… I’ve always been a fan of the mustang but this was a beast of a one…

The location was set but last minute issues was that we couldn’t get access to the desired building. A shell of a building and a fantastic location…. so the lay-by right beside the building became the background.


(Access denied… ah well… these things happen and you just have to get on with it and bag some shots)

This meant that you couldn’t really get a variety of angles as other street furniture and the road interfered with the images.


Other than just turning the car we had to run with the background. Not just in this situation but every shoot I do, knowing your kit and what ‘style’ and ‘feel’ you can get in camera helps with creating diversity within the gallery of images.

Especially in magazines you need to allow for text, graphics and other elements that gives the designer the scope to play with and makes their job easier.

Layout 1

Take the image on the right above. As well as supplying a tight crop on the car… in effect the same shot but leaving a lot of ‘dead’ space helps like I mention with layout. I’ve know idea how my images will be positioned so when I see the final article I’m interested in seeing how I can offer different images to further push layout design etc.

JJP_2488 JJP_2479 JJP_2449

Detailed images, or ‘cut-away’ images help fill out the article and build the story of the featured car.

I must say my lens came off worse on that gear shifter and needed to go for repair… doh!


(Original image as submitted…)

Layout 1

For the opening shot to an article (doesn’t have to be automotive…) you try and capture a stand-alone image or a visually captive shot but keeping in mind layout…

Here the shot above for the DPS, the car could have been over to the left a bit more to help with cropping… like I say, always learning & trying to improve.

Until next time…

At the time of writing this article I have another 3 American Car shoots already sat waiting to be used, so as and when they appear I’ll be posting stuff out.




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