‘Reader Resto’ shoot makes Cover

My first shoot for Practical Classic magazine was a little MG Midget restoration based only 20 mins away… #Happydays!

The day was booked were all three parties involved were available… With the weather being the best day of a bad looking bunch on the weather sites. At best we were looking for no rain and true enough it was dry. Unfortunately we were left with a flat white sky… the kind that I don’t like… the kind I don’t like to shoot. I much prefer rain clouds that have some definition in them…

Anyway we set off to capturing the required shots of the owner and car plus all the other shots listed in the brief (which was a very good comprehensive brief!). Being the first commission from PC I liked this brief as I had a better idea of what they wanted and needed for the article. Plus the ‘Reader Resto’ article follows the same style and imagery from month to month.

The single garage was a little tight, unlike some of the large double garages some restorers have, but once the car was placed into position we shot a few of the owner and car.

While the weather was dry we needed to get some motion / action shots in the bag as these tend to be the main key shots… with a private drive at another location available to use we decided that this would be better to grab some rig shots and take a little time over them.

With this being a potential cover we took some portraits and landscapes using the rig…

Once in the bag we took off to the tops and on the edge of the moors to grab some straight forward angle shots to the car from all sides. This is where the flat sky would help with the cut outs of the car if that’s what was required.

MG Midget - Moors

After a few detail shots for fillers the last on the list were a few shots inside of the car being driven.

Pleased with how the day went and looking forward to reading the finished article… which you can see here.

JJP_9346 JJP_9364 JJP_9318

Till next time


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