“Can you shoot Car to Car?”

A recent meeting with an automotive magazine title brought about a question and quest…. Can you show more car to car shots? Having the rig kit is great to get those shots with a limited ‘crew’ but for this certain title the cars they shoot can be anything up to £1m …. don’t think the owners would be happy in having these cars rigged up!

So to show that I’m not bothered in hanging out of a boot of a moving car I asked a good friend…(lets name him ‘Richard’)….one of my petrol head friends to help out. The ‘chase’ car was a Focus so we could communicate and talk as we drove which proved to be good for the low tail-gate but not so good for power! We came to the conclusion that a Range Rover would be a good ‘tracking’ car.

Finding a fairly quiet road with a smooth (ish!) surface and a decent length in order to maintain a constant speed with the subject car is more than half the battle. The road we decided upon had a ‘wop off’ speed bump, the type that even at 3mph smacks your head against the roof of the car….fun and games. Ideally wanting to get to about 40-50mph…we could effectively reach up to 30-35mph before we had to break hard for the end of the road or a speed bump. After a couple of passes we started to get there…

The funniest was taking the rear 3/4 shot. As the XF had a bit more get up and go than the Focus the first run resulted in 0 images….. The XF took off and we were left with dust and a nice view of the XF disappearing into the distance… (you may want to try and install NOS…. just a thought)

In the end we came away with a hand full of images which is what we were after. All in all a decent lunch break with only a few funny looks.

One final fact… just in case you do find yourself in the boot of a Focus the boot door involuntarily shuts at about 35mph… (Thank me later)


JJP_7542 alt

JJP_7595 alt




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