‘Behind the Camera’ – Volvo

Another behind the camera post…this time with some images taken by a good friend (lets call him Richard) whose been mentioned in my blog before….(the focus driver)

I wanted to match the location to the car as normal…to try and place the car in a ‘comfortable’ location which is fitting for the car or story. Richard has his own business (creating Apps – Appware) on an office park with some good ‘modern’ looking buildings that fit the bill.

It was a tad touch and go for the weather on this one but the clouds broke and the sun came out…happy days.

Behind the camera - Volvo

Had time to do a couple of set ups…. The first was a low angle shot whilst the car was turning…

Behind the camera - Volvo

You can see with the final result (below) the wheels had to have a touch post production to tidy them up….

Behind the Camera - Volvo

The full length 6m carbon boom shown here…

Behind the camera - Volvo

The final set up was a straight line shot with a higher angle getting in most of the building in the background.



Quite pleased with the final image and thankful the sun came out. Always a pleasure shooting things with friends and thanks to Richard for this one…

You can see more rig motion shots here.


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