Morgan Motor Company … Factory life in 1999

Think this formed part of my photography degree work…back in the day. Don’t think these images have ever gone out of date due to the nature of the Malvern factory and Morgan Moror Co. I was there for a couple of days with my old medium format film camera with B&W film (plus I took about 20 images on colour film) just capturing the life and goings on in the factory as I saw it.

I love the power of photography and capturing a moment that is then recorded for history. The older the images get the more captivating they become. Take Bentley for instance, they have such a history within motor-racing and have the images to go with it. Not may companies be it within the automotive world or other sectors that take a positive step to document current projects, events, achievements in order to capture them for historical value.

(The Late Peter Morgan, sat on the ash wood which is used to make the car frame)

Anyway… I wanted to capture the people as well, to document these men and women that had a real skill and pride in manufacturing a true British motoring icon.

Please follow this link to see a selection of images taken back in 1999. I’m sure I’ll add to this album from time to time with other images I find.


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