The location was a wash out…..”do we have a Plan B”?

Well the shoot was booked for Sunday just gone after three other locations at the end of 2013 all pulled the plug a few days before the shoot date.

Forecast for rain but still went ahead as this shoot was penciled in for a previous issue, we had to get something in the bag. The location was in the heart of Manchester…an old disused railway.


Any weather would have done…apart from rain. There was a clear spell forecast but in the end it never came.

Plan B… I had 20mins to spare before the car turned up on a low loader, a 1971 Camaro. I found a multi-story car park less than a mile away which would be limited but still better than nothing…

The Camaro turned up and the location just was a no go from the start due to the rain. The owner mentioned a large bus/coach station around the corner, in door and dry. “Sorry health and safety, can’t let you in” was the answer I got.

So we all set off to the multi story car park to find that the access would have been tight even for a Ford Focus, never mind a drag Camaro!

Onwards and upwards to another multi story car park near to where the Camaro is based. In my head I was thinking, whatever its like were shooting…

The location was okay at best but the main issue was the old sodium lamps which coupled with the ever increasing daylight would cause me no end of issue with colour balance.

Anyway I’m sure I’ll be posting a few images once the mag has decided upon them.

So not the best shoot but you have to learn from every shoot which I did here and look for positives.

Also you always have to have a plan ‘B’.

Hope you have a good week 🙂

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